Preclinical Pharmacokinetics Services (pK)

Preclinical pharmacokinetics, a fundamental service provided by our preclinical contract research organization, serves as a critical cornerstone in the development of potential therapeutics. This precise scientific discipline acts as a diligent overseer, ensuring that efficacy and safety of a drug are thoroughly understood and optimized, rather than left to chance.




pK studies in multiple species:

- Mouse
- Rat
- Guinea-pig

- Ferret
- Rabbit
- Dog

- Mini-pig
- Pig

Specialized routes of administration:

- Intravenous (bolus/infusion)
- Intraperitoneal
- Intraplantar

- Inhalation
- Intracranial
- Intracolonic

- Oral
- Subcutaneous
- ask us about other routes

Sample Collection:

- Multiple tissues
(brain, liver, spleen...)

- Blood, plasma
- Venous catheter

- ask us about other tissues

The Essence of Preclinical Pharmacokinetics

Preclinical pharmacokinetic studies meticulously investigate the dynamic interplay between pharmaceutical compounds and biological systems prior to the initiation of clinical trials. This critical field focuses on the detailed examination of absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) processes of drugs.

Key aspects such as the impact of varying doses, the method of drug injection, and the subsequent changes in drug concentration and level within the body are thoroughly analyzed in these preclinical toxicity studies. These investigations provide a comprehensive and predictive model for understanding how a drug behaves in human pharmacokinetics, ensuring a robust foundation for the safe and effective progression to clinical evaluation.

  1. Pharmacokinetics Test: The First Step

In the preclinical field, the journey invariably commences with comprehensive preclinical pharmacokinetic studies. These foundational evaluations, conducted by a specialized pharmacokinetic CRO, entail a meticulous analysis of ADME properties, crucial for ascertaining a drug’s optimal delivery and efficacious performance within biological systems.

  1. Preclinical Pharmacokinetic Studies: The Blueprint

In the meticulous process of drug development, the role of a pharmacokinetic CRO  is pivotal, providing a structured framework through pharmacokinetic testing. These critical evaluations yield essential data, informing researchers about optimal dosing strategies, delivery mechanisms, and potential pharmacological interactions.

  1. Pharmacokinetic CRO: The Collaborative Edge

A Pharmacokinetic Contract Research Organization (CRO) contributes significantly to the collaborative research process, bringing specialized expertise in analyzing the concentration and time dynamics of a treatment. Proficiency in developing and utilizing pharmacokinetic models and tailored solutions, effectively bridges the gap between laboratory research and clinical application.

  1. Pharmacokinetic Model: The Predictive Compass

The pharmacokinetic model serves as an essential guide in this scientific endeavor, providing critical insights through studies that track the treatment’s progression over time, including its distribution in blood and cellular interactions. This model aids researchers in deciphering the intricate web of biological interactions and metabolic pathways.

Our dedicated Expertise in Preclinical Pharmacokinetics

At Porsolt, we view preclinical pharmacokinetics not merely as a service, but as an opportunity to apply our dedicated expertise, precision, and innovative thinking. Our methodical approach and expansive capabilities integrate technology with profound scientific understanding, ensuring a thorough exploration and comprehension of your drug’s pharmacokinetic profile.

Employing Advanced Techniques for Tailored Solutions

Our approaches are meticulously tailored to meet the specific demands of each project, with a keen focus on precision and reliability.

Central to our studies is the detailed examination of various doses, administration methods, and the subsequent monitoring of drug concentration and level within biological systems.

Porsolt’s team works in close collaboration with our clients, guiding them through the complex processes of drug development.

By meticulously analyzing and interpreting the pharmacokinetic data, we ensure that each project is approached with the utmost accuracy and scientific rigor, ultimately aiding in the development of safe and effective treatments.

Guiding the Path to Drug Development Innovations

In the endeavor to introduce novel therapeutic solutions, preclinical pharmacokinetics serves as a critical guidepost. At Porsolt, our role transcends that of a conventional CRO. We are your strategic ally in this venture, dedicated to steering the course of drug development together with  you. Our joint efforts aim to transform the potential of your research into tangible advancements that positively impact health and well-being.


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