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Inflammation, a multifaceted response to various stimuli like damaged cells, irritants, and pathogens, holds significant relevance across diverse therapeutic areas. At Porsolt, we take pride in our varied capabilities and extensive expertise in inflammation research, offering a comprehensive suite of services, capabilities, and technologies, including cutting-edge in vivo inflammation models and in vitro inflammation models, to address the specific needs of the industry.





An immune response is the body's dynamic reaction to foreign substances, activating defense mechanisms to neutralize intruders. Porsolt's inflammation models aid understanding for innovative therapeutic strategies.

Caspase 1 activation Multiple cellular models
Caspase 3/7 activation Multiple cellular models
Cell migration (Transwell chamber-based) Multiple cellular models
Cell proliferation Multiple cellular models
Cytolysis Multiple cellular models
Immune cell activation and proliferation Primary mouse splenocytes
Immune cell killing assay Human T lymphocyte and tumor cells
Immune check point inhibitor (PD1) - (PDL1) biochemical assay (HTRF)
Immune check point inhibitor (CTLA-4) - (B7-1) biochemical assay (HTRF)
Immune T-cell infiltrationand killing assay (cytometry) Multiple cellular models 3D co- culture
Lipid peroxidation Multiple cellular models
Mitochondrial membrane potential Multiple cellular models
Phagocytosis Mouse – Rat Human macrophages
Sensitization Monocytes (THP-1 cell line)

In Vivo

In vivo models involve studying inflammation caused by the introduction or insult with a foreign substance within living organisms.

12-tetradecanoylphorbol -13-acetate (TPA) - induced ear edema Mouse
Air pouch Mouse
Arachidonic acid-induced ear edema Mouse
Carrageenan-induced abscess Rat
Carrageenan-induced edema evaluation Mouse - Rat
Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) Lung Injury (acute) Mouse
Lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced neutrophilia Ferret
Lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced septic shock Mouse
Yeast-induced hyperthermia Mouse
Immunophenotyping (flow cytometry) Leukocytes (Treg,Tc), neutrophils, monocytes, macrophages Mouse, Human (blood, bloodbags, buffy coat, bone marrow, tumors…)
Histology (IHC-P) Immune cell detection (CD8, CD3, CD68, CD45,…) Rat, Mouse, multiple organs
CBA Inflammation pathway IL-6, IL-10, MCP-1or IL-8 IFN-γ or IL-1β ,TNFα and IL-12p70 Human (cell supernatant)
Flow cytometry (ICC) STAT pathway (STAT1, STAT2, STAT3, STAT6…) Human (blood)
Cell signaling (Erk, NFkB, C-jun) Human (blood)
ELISA Inflammatory cytokines (TNFα ,IL-1β ,IL-6,IL-10) Mouse (air pouch exsudat, plasma)
Inflammatory protein (CRP) Rabbit (plasma, serum)
Hematology WBC (White Blood Cell count): neutrophils, macrophages, lymphocytes, eosinophils, basophils Mouse (air pouch exsudat, plasma)
CBA - ELISA - WB - IHC-PIHC-Fr - ICC - HTRF Other targets upon request Mouse (air pouch exsudat, plasma)

At the core of our services, Porsolt’s advanced in vivo and in vitro inflammation models and capabilities are essential for exploring and comprehending the intricate processes involved in inflammation. These models offer researchers crucial insights, which are vital for progressing studies and development in the field of anti-inflammatory drugs.

Porsolt offers a wide array of validated inflammation models for your preclinical studies. These disease-relevant inflammation models in mice and other models encompass a broad spectrum of inflammatory conditions, including neuro-inflammation, inflammatory bowel disease, inflammatory pain, etc. These models are complemented with our in vitro and bioanalysis capabilities and enable researchers to make informed decisions promptly.

Our models and capabilities extend to cellular inflammation tests, where we present a diverse portfolio of models targeting multiple classes of therapeutic targets. 

A crucial aspect of our work is also inflammation histology and bioanalysis, involving detailed examinations to understand structural changes in tissues affected by inflammation. This component validates our models, providing invaluable insights into the mechanisms of action of potential compounds.

Expert Collaborations and Partnerships

At Porsolt, we recognize the power of collaboration and partnership. With a team of accomplished scientists, we have a proven track record in the discovery and development of multiple preclinical candidates in inflammation, autoimmune disorders, pain, inflammatory skin diseases, etc. Our core expertise in small molecule drug discovery in immunology and inflammation is complemented by growing knowledge in therapeutic antibody analysis and development.

Our disease models encompass inflammation, neuro-inflammation, inflammatory pain, systemic inflammation, intestinal inflammation, acute inflammation, chronic inflammation, etc. With a comprehensive approach to inflammation research, including in vivo inflammation and in vitro inflammation models, cellular inflammation tests, and inflammation histology, Porsolt is at the forefront of addressing the specific needs of the industry.

We are committed to advancing the studies of inflammation and contributing to the development of effective therapeutic strategies that positively impact global health.


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