Psoriasis model and endpoints

#Psoriasis is an inflammatory disease of the human skin and is considered the most common autoimmune disease in man, affecting 2-3% of the general population.  It is typically characterized by red patches covered with white scales on the skin, while the specific pathogenesis of psoriasis is still not fully understood.

There are many different types of preclinical research models that have been developed to reproduce and study the pathogenesis of psoriasis (including induced models, transgenic models and xenotransplantaton models). Many of these models traditionally focus on macro observations, including scratching behavior, erythema, thickness and scaling (PASI score).

Porsolt has developed additional objective endpoints to be included with traditional models, such as histological preparation and automated image analysis of epidermal layer thickness, and bioanalysis of inflammatory markers, including cytokine expression.

This comprehensive approach allows us to obtain the most information from these models and identify subtle differences between potential treatments.

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