Emesis in ferrets

Porsolt has unique expertise and capabilities to evaluate acute and delayed #emesis by implanting telemetry devices that can track the occurrence of emetic events over several days.

Common laboratory animals, including rats and mice, do not possess a vomiting reflex. The ferret is the species of choice that possesses this reflex and is therefore used in preclinical pharmaceutical efficacy, safety, and toxicology studies for detecting potential nausea and emetic side effects.

Typical studies offered at Porsolt include:

Acute emesis: The number of retching and vomiting events, measured by direct observation.

Delayed emesis: Emetic events recorded over several days in unrestrained conscious ferrets implanted with telemetry devices. (Below is an example of abdominal pressure recorded after emetic compound dosing.)

PK studies over several days: collection of repeated blood samples using a vascular access port


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