Porsolt attending ACTox 2023

Porsolt will be exhibiting at Amercian College of Toxicology (#ACT23) taking place next week in Orlando FL (Nov 12 -15).  Please come and meet with Sebastien Breche and Sonia Goineau-Brissieux at Porsolt’s booth #126.
We will also be presenting two significant abstracts:

1)     “Characterization of a model of neurotoxicity by histology”, highlighting the value of evaluating #neurotoxicity of a test item at early stages of development to ensure #safety .

2)     “Dog Telemetry Assay Sensitivity to Detect QTc Prolongation: Retrospective Statistical Power Analysis, and Moxifloxacin Effects by Timepoint and Concentration-QTc Relationship Analysis”, confirming the sensitivity, reproducibility, and validity of the experimental conditions employed by Porsolt in crucial dog #safety studies.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us (contact@porsolt.com) to schedule a meeting to learn more about our growing capabilities, or visit our website for more information www.porsolt.com.