Paper on hippocampal synaptic plasticity

Porsolt is vigorously continuing our research and collaborations in 2023 with our most recent publication in partnership with COMETE INSERM/UNICAEN UMR-S1075 on ex-vivo hippocampal synaptic plasticity.

The research paper entitled “Genetic Background Influence on Hippocampal Synaptic Plasticity: Frequency-Dependent Variations between an Inbred and an Outbred Mice Strain” is published in the “International Journal of Molecular Sciences” as part of the special issue “Synaptic plasticity and disease 2.0”, and highlights the frequency-dependent influence of genetic background on hippocampal synaptic plasticity using two stimulation paradigms thought to engage different molecular and cellular pathways. This work suggests the importance of paying attention to genetic background when investigating synaptic plasticity, from study design through to the interpretation of results.

Here is a link to the full paper:

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