Our team

The staff at Porsolt has served the pharmaceutical industry for over 35 years and includes experienced scientists who have managed projects within pharma companies and have been responsible for taking drugs through to the clinic.

The quality of the work provided is based on the experience and qualifications of our scientific staff. All our technical staff undergo rigorous internal training followed by continuous improvement programs. As a result, we are able to build long-lasting working relationships, ensuring integrity and continuity of your projects.

Guillaume Froget, PhD, Chief Executive Officer & President

Guillaume was promoted to CEO in December 2011. Prior to that he was Director of Laboratory and Scientific Operations. Guillaume received a Joint European PhD in animal physiology from Birmingham University (UK) and Université Claude Bernard (Lyon, France) with Honors, studying cardiovascular adaptations in marine birds in sub-Antarctic Islands. For the last 10 years he has held positions of increasing line management responsibility, from Study Director to Head of Safety Pharmacology at CIT, a French toxicology CRO, through to his current role on the Executive Management of Porsolt.

In addition to his line management responsibility, Guillaume is Porsolt’s scientific expert in Cardiovascular and Safety Pharmacology.

David Pushett, PhD, Director of Global Business Development

David joined Porsolt in 2010 as Director of Global Business Development. David received a PhD in genetics from Monash University (Australia) and has been involved in the biotech industry for almost 2 decades, including preclinical project management for Mindset Biopharmaceuticals, a Alzheimer’s Disease drug development company, and over 15 years of experience in Business Development, including with MindGenix, a CRO offering preclinical services in neurology, as VP of Business Development at PsychoGenics, a US based preclinical CRO. David has been instrumental in negotiating and creating deal structures for novel models and technologies.

Richard Chevreuse, Senior Director, Finance & Administration

Richard is Director for Finance & Administration. He joined Porsolt in 2003. Richard has more than 35 years of experience in corporate accounting and finance. Richard brings experience from a diverse group of companies outside the life-sciences sector.