In addition to the three main vital systems (Central Nervous, Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems), the effects of a test substance on other important physiological functions should be assessed on the basis of its known chemistry, PK/PD, or previously reported preclinical or clinical effects.

Gastrointestinal system

Porsolt has long-standing extensive expertise in gastrointestinal efficacy pharmacology and safety. We provide models that focus on different gastrointestinal indications and on different parts of the gastrointestinal system. 

Our area of expertise:

> Gastroinstestinal transit

> Colonic transit

> Emesis and Nausea

> Gastric acid secretion

> Ulcerogenic activity after acute or subchronic treatment

> Isolated visceral smooth muscle

> Intestinal mucositis

Renal system

Porsolt offers a range of models that address complications specific to, or associated with, the urogenital system, including the assessment of renal function, bladder function, and the genital system.

> Diuresis and urinary electrolyte excretion

   Main urinary parameters:

   - urinary volume (UV, ml/100g body weight)
   - potassium content (mmol/UV/100g body weight)
   - creatinine content (mmol/UV/100g body weight)
   - urinary pH
   - sodium content (mmol/UV/100g body weight)

> Bladder activity in anesthetized or conscious animals

> Isolated bladder tissue

Other preclinical studies

Porsolt provide scientific expertise to adress the specific needs of drug development, the selection and design of the tests to be performed is carried out in close collaboration with our clients. So please do not hesitate to contact us to coordinate a meeting with our experts.