Genital system


Porsolt offers a range of models that address complications specific to, or associated with, the urogenital system, including the assessment of renal function, bladder function, and the genital system.

Genital system

Intracavernous pressure (ICP) in anesthetized rats

The following parameters are recorded:

- Number of animals showing at least one erectile response (ICP rise)

- Time to first erectile response (ICP rise)

- Number of erectile responses (ICP rises)

- Sum of erectile response duration (cumulated duration of all ICP rises)

- Baseline ICP and diastolic ABP (mmHg) before each administration

- Peak ICP/ABP x 100 (percentage of ratio: max value reached by ICP during the rise (mmHg) / mean diastolic BP (mmHg) during ICP rise

- AUC/ABP (sec), (area under the curve of ICP rise (mmHg/sec) / mean diastolic BP (mmHg) during ICP rise

- Sum of AUC/ABP (sec), (cumulated AUC/ABP of all responses)