Inflammation in vivo models


Porsolt offers models of acute and chronic pain and inflammation matching the needs of the industry and maintaining a recognized expertise, which addresses pain therapeutic endpoints and pain associated symptoms and side effects.

Inflammation in vivo models

Carrageenan model

Reversal (therapeutic)

Mouse Paw weight Aspirin p.o. yes

Water displacement

(in development)

Aspirin p.o., i.p. yes

Water displacement

Paracetamol i.p. yes
Aspirin p.o. yes

Prevention (prophylactic)


Water displacement

Aspirin p.o. yes
Indomethacin p.o. yes
Celecoxib i.p. yes
Protocols Species Parameters


Routes Positive effects

Air pouch in the mouse

Carrageenan s.c. yes
Zymosan s.c. yes
LPS s.c. NS
Substances Routes Positive effects

TPA - induced ear edema in the rat

Mice receive a single topical application of TPA.

Ear thickness is measured using a micrometer gauge before TPA application and then 4 and 6 hours after.

Other models of inflammation in rodents

> Yeast hyperthermia 

> Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) septic shock 

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