Oncology is an area that commands a larger proportion of the research world's resources. Porsolt is now able to provide services using its Oncology in vitro capabilities and expertise.



➠ For screening and efficacy studies — kinetic analysis

Analyze the efficacy of your compounds on tumor viability in a 3D relevant in vitro assay

The spheroid tumor models are composed of cells in different proliferative and metabolic states.

The spheroid culture mimics cellular interactions and morphology existing in tumors in vivo.

This 3D model ensures better predictivity when compared to 2D models for testing of new anticancer strategies.


The Chick Chorio Allantoic Membrane (CAM) model has raised interest over recent years as a substitute for murine cancer models as part of a 3R approach. The CAM model provides ideal microenvironment with high angiogenesis and matrix remodeling.

The non-fully functional lymphoid immune system of the embryo allows for the efficient xenograft of multiple types of tumor (prostate, glioma, colon, breast, liver…) and associated cell lines.

The model can be successfully applied to study cancer progression, pharmacological treatment or angiogenesis. The rich vascular network of the CAM model makes it an ideal system for angiogenesis studies related to cancer or other indications


➠ A novel alternative for Murine classical xenograft models

The Hollow fiber model is an interesting substitute for murine classical xenograft models as part of a 3R approach.

The Hollow fiber model allows for the testing of several combinations of cell types in independent fibers in two different mouse compartments (subcutaneous or intraperitonal) using reduced number of mice.

Importantly, fibers can be used in fully immunocompetent mice which are less expensive than immunodeficient mice required for xenograft.



Cell viability colorimetric assay

Multiple 2D cellular models

ONC 10.1

Cell proliferation/cytolysis assay - high-content imaging

Multiple 2D cellular models

ONC 10.2

NEW !   Spheroid proliferation/cytolysis assay - high-content imaging 

Multiple 3D cellular models

ONC 10.3

NEW !  Clonogenicity assay (anchorage-independent)

Multiple 3D cellular models

ONC 10.4

NEW !  Sphere formation and viability assay - high-content imaging

Multiple 3D cellular models (Cancer stem cells)

ONC 10.5

Cell cycle - cytometry analysis

Multiple 2D or 3D cellular models

PF 3.8

Migration assay - high-content imaging

Multiple 2D cellular models

PF 3.14

Invasion assay 

Multiple 3D cellular models

PF 3.15
Chicken Chorioallantoic Membrane (CAM) xenograft assay Multiple
(screening – 3R approach)
Multiple cellular models in chicken eggs ONC 4
Hollow fiber assay (screening – 3R approach) Multiple cellular models in mouse ONC 5
Subcutaneous syngeneic model of:
  Breast cancer 4T1 cells - Mouse ONC 2.1
  Colon cancer CT26.WT/C26 cells - Mouse ONC 2.2
  Glioblastoma (brain tumor) GL261 cells - Mouse ONC 2.3

NEW!  Orthotopic syngeneic models of:

  Breast cancer

4T1 cells - Mouse ONC 3.1

  Colon cancer

CT26.WT/C26 cells - Mouse ONC 3.2

  Glioblastoma (brain tumor)

GL261 cells- Mouse ONC 3.3

  Kidney cancer

RenCa cells - Mouse ONC 3.4

  Lung cancer

LLC1/KNL205 cells  - Mouse In development

  Liver cancer

Hepa1-6/Hep-55.1C cells - Mouse In development

  Stomach cancer

CLS103 cells - Mouse In development

  Ovarian cancer

TERA-C3H cells -  Mouse In development


B16F10/S91/YUMM1.7 cells
In development


K7M2 wt cells
In development
Subcutaneous xenograft models of:
 Breast cancer MDA-MB-231/ BT-20 cells - Mouse ONC 6.1
  Colon cancer HCT-8/HCT-116/LoVo cells - Mouse ONC 6.2
  Glioblastoma (brain tumor) U118MG/U87MG/M059J - Mouse ONC 6.3
  Kidney cancer ACHN cells - Mouse ONC 6.4
  Lung cancer A549/PC-9 cells -  Mouse ONC 6.5
  Liver cancer Hep3B2.1-7/HepG2 cells - Mouse ONC 6.6
  Ovarian cancer OVCAR-3 cells - Mouse ONC 6.7
  Melanoma (skin tumor) A375/MeWo cells - Mouse ONC 6.8
  Fibrosarcoma HT-1080 cells - Mouse ONC 6.9
  Prostate cancer LNCaP/PC-3/DU145 cells - Mouse ONC 6.10
  Pancreatic cancer BxPC-3/PANC-1 cells - Mouse ONC 6.11
  Neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cells -  Mouse ONC 6.12
  Bladder cancer SW780 cells -  Mouse ONC 6.13
NEW! Orthotopic xenograft models of:
  Breast cancer MDA-MB -231 cells - Mouse ONC 7.1
  Colon cancer HCT-116/HCT-8 cells -  Mouse In development
  Lung cancer A549/PC-9 cells -  Mouse In development
  Liver cancer HepG2 cells - Mouse In development
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