Oncology is an area that commands a larger proportion of the research world's resources. Porsolt is now able to provide services using its Oncology in vitro capabilities and expertise.


To identify new anti-cancer drugs, test their efficacy and determine their mechanism of action, Porsolt has developed a panel of over 70 assays addressing key cancer hallmarks.

Using high-content analysis technologies, we offer to test your compounds in the cancer cell lines of your choice, or to adapt our assays to other in vitro cancer models, such as 3D tumor spheroids.Molecular assays can also be transferred to tissue and blood samples, for quantitative biomarker analysis.

Fig. Cancer hallmarks targeted by our cell-based assay, inspired by Hanahan D., Weinberg R.A. Cell. 2011

Energy metabolism & autophagy assays
> NAD(P)H assay > Lysosome detection assay
> FAD assay > mTOR activity assay
> ATP content assay > Poly-ubiquitination assay
> Mitochondrial membrane potential assay > Proteasome activity assay
> Reactive oxygen species test > cAMP assay
> LC3B autophagy assay > More...
Nuclear signaling, DNA damage & cell proliferation assays
> p53 assay > Topoisomerase II assay
> γH2AX assay > Histone H3 acetylation assay
> p21 assay > Cell proliferation assay
> Mdm2 assay > Clonogenic assay
> Topoisomerase I assay > More...
Inflammation, angiogenesis & metastasis assays
> Cytokine and chemokine assays > NF-kB/p65 assay
> STAT 1, 2, 3, 6 assay > Mitochondrial depolarization test
> iNOS activity assay > Reactive oxygen species (ROS) assay
> COX-2 activity assay > Cell proliferation assays
> LDL uptake assay > Cell migration assays
> Nur77 assay  > E-cadherin assay
> B-Cell Linker (BLNK) assay > In vitro angiogenesis assay
> More...  


In vitro angiogenesis assay: the total vascular tree formed by human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC) is quantified to identify angiogenesis inhibitors.

Apoptosis, pyroptosis, necrosis assays
> Caspase-1 assay > Bax assay
> Caspase 1,5 activation assay > PARP1 enzyme activity assay
> Caspase-3 assay > NF-kB/p65 assay
> Caspase-7 assay > XIAP assay
> Caspase-9 assay > Reactive oxygen species (ROS) detection
> Mitochondrial depolarization assay > Calpain activity assay
> Cytolysis assay  > TUNEL assay
> Cytochrome c release assay > Cytotoxicity assay
> More...  

C-Jun phosphorylation (phosphor c-Jun, green) in human pancreatic cancer cell line BxPC3 treated or not with Anisomycin. Nuclei (DAPI, blue).

Cancer signaling pathways & phenotypic assays
> ERK assay > c-Jun test
> Ca2+ assay > HIF-1a assay
> cAMP assay > NF-kappaB/p65
> Phospho-CREB assay > STAT1, 2, 3, 6 assay
> mTOR assay > EGFR assay
> Akt assay  > Cell cycle assays
> p38 activity assay > Clonogenicity assay
> JNK assay  > Cell migration assays



Transwell migration of monocytic cells THP-1 induced by Fractalkine (FKN) and reversed by Wortmannin (Wort).