Metabolic disorders


Obesity and metabolism related disorders are key therapeutic areas that have attracted global attention over recent years. Porsolt has in place a comprehensive range of models for obesity, impaired glucose tolerance, and diabetes to assist with the development of novel therapeutic agents for the treatment and reduction of risk factors associated with metabolic diseases.

Metabolic disorders

Glucose tolerance test (OGTT or IVGTT) in normal mice or rats

Measurement of fasting blood glucose levels before and after glucose challenge in Wistar or Sprague Dawley rats, or C57BL6 mice after overnight fasting. Results can be available within two weeks of receipt of the test substance.

OGTT in rats: effects of metformin

IVGTT in rats: effects of clozapine

OGTT in mice: effects of sitagliptin

Glucose tolerance test (OGTT or IVGTT) in pathological mice or rats

Measurements of fasting blood glucose and plasma insulin levels before and after glucose challenge in ZDF rats.

OGTT in ZDF rats : effects of metformin and rosiglitazone

> Additional models: db-db mice, ob-ob mice, DIO mice and Zücker fa/fa rats.

> References: Metformin, Glibenclamide, Sitagliptin