Gastric emptying


Porsolt has long-standing extensive expertise in gastrointestinal efficacy pharmacology and safety. We provide models that focus on different gastrointestinal indications and on different parts of the gastrointestinal system. Porsolt also continues to develop and validate new and relevant models.

Gastric emptying

In the context of pre-clinical safety pharmacology, supplemental evaluations of gastrointestinal function are often limited to the assessment of gastrointestinal motility. Nevertheless, as new chemical entities may have diverse effects on the upper gastrointestinal system, additional and more specific measurements of gastric emptying are required.

Phenol Red Test

The phenol red test, considered as the historic gold standard can detect both delayed and accelerated gastric emptying following test substance administration.

Measurement of plasma acetaminophen levels

Acetaminophen, which is poorly absorbed in the stomach, is rapidly and almost completely absorbed in the small intestine. Serum acetaminophen levels therefore correlate closely with gastric emptying rate.

Indirect determination of gastric emptying by measurement of the time course of plasma acetaminophen levels after its oral administration in a liquid meal.

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