Porsolt offers models in all areas of psychopharmacology, epilepsy, sleep-wake, and neurodegenerative disorders. We are uniquely placed to offer a full range of CNS efficacy and safety pharmacology assessments, from basic models and regulatory tests, through the evaluation of abuse and dependence liability and proconvulsant risk using EEG.


Cerebral ischemia in the rat: evaluation of functional recovery following transient middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO)

Transient MCAO (90 minutes) induced by a nylon thread
Unilateral cortical and striatal lesion
Sensori-motor deficits contralateral to the lesion


> Suggested approach

 - Neuroprotection: treatments administered on the day of surgery and/or during a few days after surgery.
 - Neuroregeneration: treatments administered chronically during several weeks after surgery.



> Experimental procedures

 - Neurological score
 - Removal of adhesive
 - Foot fault

> Other avalaible tests:

 - Evaluation of motor coordination:  accelerating rotarod test /  beam walking test
 - Lesion size induced by transient MCAo: thionin staining