Autonomic nervous system


Porsolt has an extensive portfolio of cardiovascular procedures, ranging from standard cardiovascular telemetry studies for safety evaluation, to pathophysiological models for specific therapeutic areas. Porsolt also possesses considerable expertise with in vitro models, providing clients with a comprehensive assessment of all aspects of cardiovascular function.

Autonomic nervous system

Evaluation of postural orthostatic hypotension in normotensive and spontaneously hypertensive telemetered rats

Effects of prazosin on basal arterial blood pressure

Prazosin reduced basal arterial blood pressure in both SH and normotensive rats (max 120 min post-dosing).

Effects of prazosin on postural change-induced hypotension

Postural change-induced a sudden and reproducible hypotension in both anesthetized SH (-45/50 mmHg) and normotensive telemetered rats (-20/25 mmHg).

Both anesthetized SH and normotensive telemetered rats can be valuable models for studying the postural orthostatic hypotension induced by new chemical entities.